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Still UN-Veiled

Yup, still veil searching and almost desperate enough to make my own.  Okay, I’m kidding because I really don’t feel like it.  But I am in love with this Sara Gabriel Drew veil .  It most likely can’t work with … Continue reading

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Gotta Be The Shoes?

I think I found my shoes- Via Spiga ‘Opal’ Pump.  Three inches though?  I don’t think I will be able to do it.  Why am I fooling myself?  I love these shoes though.  How long will I really have to … Continue reading

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Sorry, Kid

A few weeks ago, a wedding blog that I enjoy (look on the side for the (Formerly) Unemployed Bride) had a flurry of commentary on the very controversial topic of kids at weddings just as I was trying to make that decision for myself.  … Continue reading

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Time Out.

Maybe it’s just me but wedding planning isn’t always that fun.  Sometimes you have to just schedule in relaxation lest you drive you and your betrothed crazy.  We’ve spent the last two weekends just *NOT* thinking about weddings for the … Continue reading

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Farewell, My Friend

Well, I went dress shopping and I got a new dress (post coming soon)!  I absolutely loved my first choice of dress but it was really difficult trying to find a veil to match it plus it needed some alterations.  … Continue reading

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Is This *THE* Dress?

I’m sorry yall.  I’ve been drowning in a pool of Other People’s Opinions and my indecision and I just had to take a break from it all.  If only I had the luxury of time…haha!  Anyway, I did meet with a … Continue reading

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