Day 45: Tacky As Hell

So, we all have people who we know don’t care about Emily Post, have never heard of Emily Post, or will pretend a mixture of both.  I mean wedding etiquette is a soft, nuanced concept anyway but at this point in American history it is definited a fluid and oft-ignored one.  So, I had two RSVP cards.  One was the lovely standard where you could write in your and your INVITED guests name on the response card and all was well.  I know that many friends and family would not resist the temptation to also write in a few UNINVITED guests of their own so this second RSVP card was very necessary.  This invite also specifically states that this is an adult-only reception in case someone wanted to feign that they hadn’t heard the news.  Personally, I considered this RSVP card truly tacky but very necessary.  Apparently more necessary than I thought because I already received my first RSVP (YAY!) back and of course it was the “nice” version and someone saw fit to write in an additional guest.  Oh the fun phone call I’m going to have to make later.  Anyway, Day 45’s lesson?  Sometimes you just have to be a bit tacky to get your point across.


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4 Responses to Day 45: Tacky As Hell

  1. may says:

    LOL @ StillZilla… I agree– you’re battling tacky with tacky though, so take solace in that.

    LOVE the flourishes on the top of the card!

  2. Aisha says:

    my friend put no kids in bold print on everything. there were mad kids everywhere at the reception. she’s nigerian so she handed out some fabric for family members to have dresses made. why did some people make their kids outfits with the fabric? so just be gracious and ignore them if kids arrive.

    p.s. when this is all over we will need to chat. someone is having a fit about the wedding budget number i put out there.

    • FIRSt, OMG YAY WOW AWESOME YAY SUNSHINE BUTTERFLIES RAINBOWS OMG!!!! and he needs to stop tripping. whatever u think it will cost? double that or go to an island…LOL.

      dude, i dont think i cld be gracious at this pt. i
      will try though.

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