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Part time Around The Way Filet, part time Stuck Up Tuna but I'm always Jingling, Baby. This blog is about the things I like and don't like including fashion, decor, random daily happenings, cocktails, and you.

War of the Roses

Over three decades ago, two different couples started a family and welcomed into their families two little bundles of joy.  Everything aligned and God saw fit that over three decades later that these two bundles of joy would come together, fall in … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Terrordome

Ladies and ladies, let me introduce you to my theme music-  Feel the drums, hear the sirens, feel the urgency…pure crazy, frantic, frenetic fire!  That’s some music to crush opinions buildings with!  Those glossy magazines can really kiss my … Continue reading

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The Best Place On Earth

First, thanks to all who offered kind words in the midst of my breakdown.  I appreciate and used the advice given.  The first phone call was really hard to do but after that it got alot easier.  That is good … Continue reading

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Day 40: Break Break Down

Uhm, I’m about to have a breakdown.  I’m teetering on the edge of tears as I type this ((I cried, man…I’m so aggravated)).  Since I’m at work this is just not possible so typing here will hopefully help me.  Y’all … Continue reading

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Day 45: Tacky As Hell

So, we all have people who we know don’t care about Emily Post, have never heard of Emily Post, or will pretend a mixture of both.  I mean wedding etiquette is a soft, nuanced concept anyway but at this point … Continue reading

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The Countdown

I’m getting married in 45 days, man.  45 days.  I’m going to try to blog them all including the highs and the lows.  Welcome to 45 days and Running.  At this point, I’m starting to care less and less about … Continue reading

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Do Me A Favor?

How would you feel getting this as a favor?  I’m also thinking of using them to attach escort cards to with tags tied with raffia/ribbon.  Thoughts?  The one on the right looks orange, right?  Somehow in the store Tresvant and … Continue reading

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