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Welcome To The Terrordome

Ladies and ladies, let me introduce you to my theme music-  Feel the drums, hear the sirens, feel the urgency…pure crazy, frantic, frenetic fire!  That’s some music to crush opinions buildings with!  Those glossy magazines can really kiss my … Continue reading

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Day 40: Break Break Down

Uhm, I’m about to have a breakdown.  I’m teetering on the edge of tears as I type this ((I cried, man…I’m so aggravated)).  Since I’m at work this is just not possible so typing here will hopefully help me.  Y’all … Continue reading

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Day 45: Tacky As Hell

So, we all have people who we know don’t care about Emily Post, have never heard of Emily Post, or will pretend a mixture of both.  I mean wedding etiquette is a soft, nuanced concept anyway but at this point … Continue reading

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Sorry, Kid

A few weeks ago, a wedding blog that I enjoy (look on the side for the (Formerly) Unemployed Bride) had a flurry of commentary on the very controversial topic of kids at weddings just as I was trying to make that decision for myself.  … Continue reading

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I come from a long line of excellent bargain shoppers.  If we had a family crest, it’d be the one above.  From the thrift store to the department store, we are about our business and will always get the best … Continue reading

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