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War of the Roses

Over three decades ago, two different couples started a family and welcomed into their families two little bundles of joy.  Everything aligned and God saw fit that over three decades later that these two bundles of joy would come together, fall in … Continue reading

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The Best Place On Earth

First, thanks to all who offered kind words in the midst of my breakdown.  I appreciate and used the advice given.  The first phone call was really hard to do but after that it got alot easier.  That is good … Continue reading

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Mr. Postman

I’ve been stalking to mail man for like a week and FINALLY my invites have arrived!  Yitidee!!!!  Here’s a lil peak…I want Tresvant to see them at least first…lol.  I ordered these from Zazzle when they recently had a 30% … Continue reading

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Time Out.

Maybe it’s just me but wedding planning isn’t always that fun.  Sometimes you have to just schedule in relaxation lest you drive you and your betrothed crazy.  We’ve spent the last two weekends just *NOT* thinking about weddings for the … Continue reading

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The Garden and The List

  When we initially began planning our wedding, Mr. Tresvant* and I happened upon a small and beautiful community garden.  We sat there and soaked it in, took pictures and video clips, and envisioned our intimate garden wedding full of … Continue reading

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  Yes, blushing…still, even.  I’m 35 and very proud of it.  I had a very active and fun (and hilarious) dating life.  I wasn’t crying in my Lean Cuisine For One (okay, well not most of the time) and knitting … Continue reading

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